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Hario V60 Ice Coffee Maker


Summertime is the right time to start thinking about turning your favourite hot drinks into something cool and refreshing. Iced coffee is a great way to combat the heat and enjoy your favourite coffee flavour.

Winter? Just skip adding ice and you have a perfect Hario V60 and receiving vessel ready to share with friends.

Brief Instructions:
Simply add your Hario V60 2 Cup filter into your V60 at the top of the Ice Coffee Maker then rinse with just off the boil water to remove the paper taste. Empty the water and add medium grind coffee to the V60. Then add ice to your middle chamber ready to pour onto, grab a goose neck kettle and begin your pour. Start with a Bloom and wait 20 seconds then start working from the outside into the middle hitting every coffee ground. Continue the pour until you reach your desired level and enjoy!