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Hario Double Cold Drip Tower - 2L


One of the best things about cold drip coffee is watching it happen.  The process is a real show stopper!  And equally important it tastes amazing - smooth, non-acidic and rich in flavour.  These drippers take about 5 hours and are an absolute masterpiece of design and functionality.

The cold drip makes its way down the borosilicate heat-resistant glassware.  The wooden stand looks sharp and allows for a full 2 litre capacity of brew.  The top of the dripper is constructed of brass at the top, tubes below that split into two, and faucets that control the water flow.  At the bottom of the tubes are paper filters and the metal filter, all ending up in the carafes at the end full of the beautifully extracted coffee.

Dimensions: 290mm width x 230mm depth x 980mm height