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Hario Glass Iced Coffee Maker


The Hario Glass Iced coffee maker is unique in that it utilises a traditional pour over method to produce a beautifully smooth and rich iced coffee.

Simply place small cubed or crushed ice into the ice chamber. Then place the paper coffee filter into the top followed by ground coffee and shake the dripper to ensure that coffee grounds are level. Slowly pour boiling water into the centre of the coffee grounds. Let sit for about 30 seconds. Proceed by slowly pouring hot water in a circular motion, starting in the centre of the grounds to extract the flavour. When the coffee reaches the 500ml mark, the extraction is complete. Remove the dripper and ice chamber, then add ice to bring the coffee up to the 700ml mark. If hot coffee is desired, simply bypass the ice chamber step.


  • Hario V60 Cone
  • Hario Glass Carafe
  • Hario Ice Chamber


  • Materials: Hario Glass, Silicone
  • Dimensions:  W165 × D120 × H235mm
  • Practical Capacity: 700ml