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Hario Air  Drip Kettle


Hario's Air Drip Kettle is a lightweight, inexpensive pour-over kettle that makes a great alternative to the popular gooseneck style. With its innovative profiled spout comes water flow control and it has a built in measuring scale.  A perfect choice for anyone who needs to measure or control water flow when brewing a pour over coffee.

The transparent design makes it easy to see how much water you have left and the Food sfe PCT Resin plastic is more resilient to damage than glass, making it an excellent choice for travel. 

Incredibly versatile, it is not designed for boiling water, but it does have all the advantages of a gooseneck kettle without any of the drawbacks, as it’s dishwasher safe. It was the Winner of the Japanese 2020 Good Design Awards for best Kettle.


  • Profiled Spout – Precise Pouring allows you to aim the water exactly where you need it most.
  • Super Lightweight – Makes for ease of use and great control of water flow into your pour over.
  • Measuring Marks – 350ml Capacity with 50ml increments lets you brew coffee without scales.
  • Transparent Kettle – Ideal to measure the remaining water left in the kettle during brewing.


  • Hario Air Drip Kettle


Materials -  Tritan Plastic
Capacity - 350ml ( with 50ml measurement increments)
Dimensions - W17.7×D7.8×H12.8
Weight - 195g