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Hario 5 Cup "NEXT" Syphon


The age-old method of Syphon Brewing, also known as vac-pot or vacuum extraction has taken a modern turn with the release of the Hario "NEXT" syphon.

A modern re-design on the classic "Technica" series syphons, Hario NEXT Syphon features a newly shaped lower bowl for improved heating process, the heat resistant bowl also features printed scale markings, making it easier to check the amount of water allowing you to have more control over the taste of the brew, a new soft-touch contoured ergonomic handle and a metal re-usable filter to allow the rich coffee oils and flavours to pass through that would normally be left behind in a cloth filter.


  • Borosilicate heat resistant glass
  • Soft-touch ergonomic handle
  • Alcohol burner included
  • Comes with both metal and cloth filter options (enjoy 2 flavours!)
  • Perfectly partnered with the Hario Smart Bean Heater


  • Hario 5 Cup “Next” Syphon
  • 1 Metal Filter
  • 1 Cloth Filter
  • 1 Alcohol Burner
  • 1 Bamboo Stirrer


  • Materials: Hario Glass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Silicone
  • Dimensions:  W115 × D180 × H390mm
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Water Capacity: 600ml