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Handpresso Intense Portafilter


This portafilter is compatible with all Handpresso Pump machines (E.S.E., Domepod and Pump). It slows down with infusion while increasing the extraction of the intense coffee aromas.  For a shorter and more intense espresso, this is the ticket.


  • Extra Flavours, Aromas, and Body: Reduces flow and increases brew time to result in a bolder, more aromatic, and more flavourful shot from the Handpresso.
  • Pod + Grounds Compatible: Can be used to boost shots pulled with E.S.E. coffee pods and loose coffee grounds.
  • Designed For Handpresso Pump: Seamlessly attaches to the beloved Handpresso Pump portable espresso maker for no-fuss installation and use.


  • Materials: One-piece aluminium
  • Height: 115 mm
  • Weight: 250g
  • Diameter: 34.7 mm
  • Color: Black