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Victoria Arduino Mythos One Coffee Grinder


Mythos One Grinder from Victoria Arduino

The Grinder for the Best Baristas Mythos One is an On Demand grinder dedicated to coffee specialists, the first to include Clima Pro Technology.

Clima pro technology  New technology with thermal stability system that grants maximum consistency of each dose.

Clump Crusher  Total elimination of static cling from the ground particles. The dose is dropped into the center of the portafilter with less than a gram of grounds retained between doses, reducing the need to purge between doses and waste beans.

Grind on Demand

Instant grinding is a guarantee of freshness and fragrance. The coffee does not lose its aromas enhancing its essence. Following extensive research, Nuova Simonelli has developed the Mythos One grinder, with innovative technology that gives an optimum grind with any type of coffee and consistent long term quality to give impeccable service.

Micrometric grinding adjustment This system goes beyond the traditional “intermediate settings” allowing extremely precise grind size

Special steel burrs Long lasting, titanium and special steel burrs. Designed and built with innovative technologies that guarantee effective grinding and consistent grinding all through the day. Nuova Simonelli grinders are designed to avoid overheating the coffee, preserving the organoleptic values.

Easy maintenance and cleaning Nuova Simonelli grinders are simple to set up, easy to clean and quick to maintain. At each service a record is kept of the grinder’s settings so it can be quickly restarted, with no waste of coffee.

Multi-function LCD display An advanced electronic system manages every step in the grinding, so the barista can control every function. A practical and intuitive control panel guarantees maximum flexibility of usage.

Residue free grinding Nuova Simonelli grinders are designed to expel all the coffee from the grinding chamber so there is no residue. This guarantees ground coffee that is always fresh, long lasting consistent quality and also prevents the burrs from overheating. The specific angle of the burrs in the Mythos One grinder is designed to ensure that all coffee is expelled.