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Toddy Commercial Brew System


The Toddy Commercial System uses an engineered and patented cold-water "brewing" process to produce outstanding cold-brewed coffee and tea. The end product is smooth, yet full-bodied and aromatic. Many leading coffee houses are using this method because of the superior results. This non-electric brewer's claim to fame is in its ability to brew a low acid coffee - approximately 67% less acid than traditionally brewed coffees. Many coffee aficionados prefer this for a naturally sweet tasting cold coffee, chai or tea beverage. Perfect served over ice, or as an iced latte, blended or frozen drink.

The Toddy Commercial model is BPA-free.

2.3 kg of your favourite coffee yields 9.5 litres of extract.

Includes canister, lid, spout, one strainer and 10 filters.

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