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Badass Nitro Cold Brew Barrel



This barrel is called a BADASS for a reason, because that’s exactly what it is!
The Badass Barrel now makes it possible for everyone to serve... Ice Cold Nitro Brew.

Cold Press Coffee has become one of the fastest growing products in the beverage industry. This Badass Barrel takes cold press coffee one-step further and makes it truly BADASS. Our Patented design is the only system designed from scratch with Nitro Brew in mind. The Badass Barrel is designed as a countertop unit or can be upgraded and used with a beer tower.

Its simple to use and pours the perfect Nitro every time.

Ready to use, simple operation
Small footprint and low power consumption Modern design with smart display Environmentally friendly refrigeration system Serves Nitro at between 1-4oC


  • MODEL: BAB-20
  • VOLUME: 20 Litres
  • WEIGHT: SIZE: 12kg Empty - 32kg Full 460mm x 680mm x 400mm
  • VOLTAGE: 240V 50Hz 0.3A
  • CURRENT: IP 24 Protection
  • IP: IP 24 Protection
  • NOISE: GAS: Less than 42db R134a/105g
  • SET TEMP: 1oC - 4oC - Degrees Celsius

Design Features:

Small footprint
Self-contained refrigeration system
20 Litre capacity
Efficient cooling unit
Simple to set up and use
Easy to read display
Serves Cold Nitro Brew Coffee at 1oC - 4oC Can serve bulk Expresso Martinis
Coffee remains refrigerated
(Reducing any bacterial growth)

What’s in the Box:

Badass Barrel - Information

1 x Badass Barrel
1 x 5L Measuring Jug
1 x Funnel
1 x User Manual
2 x Badass Cleaner (2 x 250ml)
1 x Nitrogen Regulator with Type 50 Stem – Australian Standard
1 x Stout Tap
1 x Tap Spanner
1 x Lid Spanner
1 x Tap Brush
12 Month Warranty
Plus: 1x 5 Litre (FREE) Cold Press Concentrate (Ratio 3:1) - Makes 20 Litres Nitro Brew.

The Badass Barrel can be upgraded to be used with a Beer Tower. The Badass Barrel upgrade

kits comes with:

1 x Chrome Brage Beer Tower
1 x SPC Quick Connect
1 x 2 Metres of Beer Line
1 x 2 Metres of Insulation (for Beer Line) 1 x Badass Barrel Interlink

Using the upgrade kit allows the user to located the Badass Barrel under the bench and use a beer tower to serve Nitro Brew Coffee


The Badass Barrel requires one of the following gases:

 Nitrogen

  •   Nitrogen/Carbon Dioxide Mix (90% Nitrogen / 10% CO2)
  •   Nitrogen/Carbon Dioxide Mix (70% Nitrogen / 30% CO2)
  •   Carbon Dioxide for sparkling coffee