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Slingshot Kilo Automatic Coffee Tamper

Color: Black

Slingshot’s Kilo Automatic Coffee Tamper is compact and designed for the busy coffee shop where speed, efficiency and consistency are required and a precise and consistent tamp, delivers excellent support mid-service for the Barista. Packed full of revolutionary new features in an automatic tamper, Kilo's sophisticated tamping technology is set to elevate espresso making forever.

Developed for professional baristas, Kilo's three tamping profiles: Single Tamp, double tamp or Triple Tamp deliver precise pressures ranging from 3kg to a 30kg tamp every time. The variable pressure within each profile allows the user to adopt tamping pressures to their personal preference and grind fineness.

Super fast 0.8 - 1.4 sec/tamp speeds along with a magnetic tamp base keep the bar moving shot after shot and remains quick and simple to remove the base to clean and get back to brewing shots. 

The subtle concave shape to the flat tamping disk improves the distribution of coffee whilst maintaining a clean uniform coffee bed whilst a 35º twist of the base during the cycle automatically polishes the puck in order to alleviate static and promote evenness of extraction. 

Slingshot Kilo Automatic Coffee Tamper Features

Perfect Tamp Every Time – With Slingshots focus on espresso technology the tamping game has been changed forever.

3kg - 30kg Pressure – A wide range for any styles, roasts and grind size of coffee.

Super Fast Tamp – 0.8 sec/tamp Single to 1.4 sec (3 tamps) for maximum efficiency on the bar.

Variable Tamping Profiles – Chose a Single, Double or Triple Tamp & the pressure for each cycle.

Tamp and Polishing – For a clean puk, a 35º twist of the base finishes the tamp cycle. 

Magnetic Tamp Base – Quick to clean, simply reach up and pull the tamp base from out of the Kilo. 

Reduce Injury – Minimise repetitive strains injuries all together with an Automatic Tamper.


  • Slingshot Kilo Automatic Coffee Tamper


  • Tamping Disk: 58.4mm Flat
  • Tamping pressure: 3 to 30Kg
  • Number of Tamping profiles: 3 (single, double & triple tamp.)
  • Speed: 0.8 sec/tamp to 1.4 sec (3 tamps)
  • Power: 220-240v 60W
  • Dimensions: (W) 114mm, (D) 240mm ( H) 290mm 
  • Weight: 3.5 Kg