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Puqpress M5 Gen 5 Under Grinder Coffee Tamper

Original price $2,408.00
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Color: Black

The PuqPress M5 Automatic Tamper is developed to work in conjunction with the Mahlkonig E80S coffee grinder. With a range of 5-30kg pressure and an adjustable lower damping, the M5 Automatic Tamper offers a high quality and consistent tamping time after time. 

The tamper base is non-stick coated to ensure that sticky ground coffee does not stick to the base or cause it to slip during tamping. The M5 Automatic Tamper has become the choice of highly trained Baristas’ who are looking for a tool that gives them an edge in production and quality with consistency.

The M5 Automatic Coffee Tamper is sleek, fast and precise. It fits all portafilters - single, double, and naked handles. It is very user friendly and is designed to optimize a barista's workflow. No more hand cramps, no more hours spent on tamping.

Gen 5 Puqpresses introduce a larger pressure range from 5 - 30kg at 1kg increments as well as faster tamping at 1.3s per cycle duration. With a two year warranty, unlimited tamp warranty - the Puqpress M3 Gen 5 is built to last and withstand the daily use of a busy cafe setting. 

Puqpress M5 Gen 5 Under Grinder Coffee Tamper Features

Gen 5 M-Line – Upgraded Motor and Build increase precision and reliability.

Automate The Tamp – Speed your workflow by 30% thanks to automated tamping that eliminates human error and inconsistency.

Reduce Barista Injury – Dramatically reduce the risk of wrist and shoulder injuries.

Improve Espresso Quality – 100% uniform tamping reduces barista inconsistency, thrown out shots, and channeling to boost your shot quality dramatically.

10-30kg Of Pressure – Set the consistent pressure in increments of 1kg.

Use Any Spouted Portafilter – Can be used with all commercial portafilter sizes.


  • Puqpress M5 Gen 5 Under Grinder Coffee Tamper
  • Adjustment Tool



110-240Vac 50-60Hz

Cycle duration:


Tamper diameter:

53.0 – 58.3mm

Suitable for:

All types of portafilters. Naked, Single sprout and double sprouts

Naked portafilter compatibility:


Non-stick coating:


Fine adjustment lower damp:


Force adjustment:

Steps of 1kg in the range from 5- 30kg

Net weight:

5.5 KG

Dimensions (DxWxH):

33.8 × 23.3 x 14cm



  • Matte Black
  • White