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Precision Wooden Tamper


Designed to fit baskets with a 49mm diameter,Precision Wooden Tamper is made from a sturdy combination of hardwood and stainless steel. The flat base and smooth finish make it easy to use with both new or existing baskets. An ergonomic handle makes for comfortable, one-handed use.

The base can be removed and replaced with another of the same size to enable the bases to be interchanged. The tamper also features a wooden handle with a stainless steel threaded piece at the end. Created with precision,  you’ll have the confidence to brew with the most important and final step one that you can trust does the job right.

Precision Wooden Tamper 49mm FEATURES

Solid Build – Made from materials that give it weight, yet are easy to hold and wield.

49mm Tamp – Tampers that will be ideal for specific machines made smaller than the standard 58mm basket.

Ergonomic Handle – Smooth Black Aluminium Handle, shaped to your palm makes holding it comfortable and easy to use.

Precise Manufacturing – Clean, sharp edges to the Tamp base means it reaches all the way to the sides of the filter basket.


  • Precision Wooden Tamper 49mm


Materials Wooden Handle, Stainless Steel Base
Diameter 49mm
Weight 320g
Compatibility 49mm – Rok Espresso Maker GC – Black, Rok Espresso Maker GC,  Olympia Cremina, La Pavoni lever machines ( pre 1999)