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Precision Rosewood Tamper


A perfect tamper for all the coffee aficionados out there, the Precision Rosewood Tamper is crafted from beautifully constructed stainless steel and finished with a smooth rose wood handle. 

Meticulously crafted, the tamper features a 58mm base that fits all standard size filter baskets and has an ergonomic handle for effortless use. The tamper is balanced so well so that the weight of the tamping action is distributed evenly across its surface.

Precise casting of the base ensures acute edges all the way around the base for the best tamp all the way to the edge of the basket, leaving no stray grounds hanging around on the sides.

Precision Rosewood Tamper FEATURES

Beautiful and Practical – Crafted to be precise and an enjoyable tool to use.

58mm Base – Will fit the standard size for a majority of home and commercial machines.

Rosewood Handle – Smooth to hold and shaped to fit right in to the palm of your hand.

Weight Balanced –  Providing a consistent pressure distribution whilst tamping.


  • Precision Rosewood Tamper


Materials Stainless Steel, Rosewood
Diameter 58mm
Weight 250g