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Precision Adjustable Click Tamper


The Precision Adjustable Click Tamper, with a 58mm tamp base, is calibrated to achieve the same pressure every time. This tamper helps you generate a preset pressure without having to use your wrist strength, which results in less strain when tamping over and over again.

The click ensures consistent pressure with every tamp. Using an inner spring in the handle, the tamper will click when it has been pressed down far enough, indicating that you have achieved the correct tamp weight and this will be consistent each time. 

In addition to this, the Click tamper also had a self-levelling design to ensure the motion of tamping is not only at a consistent pressure but is also as level as possible. With its stainless steel base and ergonomically-designed handle, the adjustable click tamper is perfect for baristas that want to achieve the ultimate in consistent results with every tamp.

Precision Adjustable Click Tamper FEATURES

Improved Consistency –  With a design that achieves the same tamp every time.

Level Tamp – Using aguider that sits on top of the basket level as you press down.

Click Precision – Hearing the Click, you’ll easily no when to stop tamping to not over do it.

Protects Wrists – Avoiding RSI can be difficult being a Barista, using the Click Tamp will help.


  • Precision Adjustable Click Tamper


Materials Stainless Steel, Plastic
Diameter 58mm
Weight 350g