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Cafelat Robot Levelling Tamper

Original price $119.90
Current price $99.90

Get the perfect tamp for your Cafelat Robot shots with the Cafelat Robot Levelling Tamper. Created for the deeper basket of the Cafelat Robot, the patented design of this levelling tamper includes a tapered rim to prevent suction when lifting out the tamper. It also features a top leaf that guides the barista in centering the tamper, helping ensure a level tamp.

Made with stainless steel and food-grade plastic, the Cafelat Levelling Tamper is reliable and sturdy.

Cafelat Robot Levelling Tamper Features

For deeper baskets - Designed for the Cafelat Robot, this innovative tamper is meant to fit deep baskets.

Prevents suction - Part of this tamper’s design is the tapered rim which prevents the vacuum effect when lifting up the tamper from the basket.

Centering guide - The top of the Cafelat Robot Levelling Tamper features a top leaf that serves as a guide in centering the tamper. The design also lets air through to prevent suction.

This product includes:

  • 1x Cafelat Robot Levelling Tamper

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