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Acme Evolution 350ml Mighty Cup


 Sip your spro like a pro with the Acme Evolution 280ml Latte Cup. Built from elegant porcelain, featuring eight color options, and designed with a tapered lip, these latte cups make any espresso drink a pleasant experience.

The 280ml cups are made from durable porcelain with extra-thick walls that keep the coffee hot for longer. The tapered lip makes big and small sips feel natural and smooth.

You can order the cups in eight different colours: whale (navy blue), kokako (blue), feijoa (green), dolphin (grey), milk (white), penguin (black), rata (red), and Weka (brown). Select the one that best fits your cafe’s style and personality.

The new Acme Evolution’s design makes these cups more stackable than ever, saving your baristas time and headaches while trying to store and move them.


  • Elegant, Durable Porcelain— Smooth to hold, classic, and built with thicker walls to prolong a steady temperature.

  • Designed For Lattes — Holds 280ml, perfect for a latte or filter coffee.

  • Tapered Lip— Makes taking small, controlled sips quick and comfortable.

  • 8 Colour Options— Diverse colors sold to match the personality and style of any cafe or espresso bar, featuring a white interior for a clear view at the coffee within.

  • Improved Stackability— New design allows cups to be stacked with improved ease and security.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Acme Evolution 350ml Mighty Cup

The Specifics

Materials Porcelain
Capacity 350ml
Outside Diameter 108mm
Base Diameter 57mm
Height 65mm


Outside Diameter 108mm
Base Diameter 57mm
Height 65mm

Available Styles

  • Whale — Navy Blue
  • Kokako — Blue
  • Feijoa — Green
  • Dolphin — Grey
  • Milk — White
  • Penguin — Black
  • Rata — Red
  • Weka — Brown