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Airscape BruTrek CarGo Can


The Airscape BruTrek CarGo Can is the ideal storage container for pre-measured servings of coffee, enough for a day or weekend of adventures. This durable and easy to use canister is perfect for preserving fresh coffee or even herbs, spices or any other goods that are oxygen, humidity or light-sensitive. 

The canister's sealable lid allows you to write the name of your coffee beans or other goods on top and create a custom label. A strong magnetic bottom can attach to any ferrous surface for reliable storage and any location. The perfect fit lid ensures a perfect seal where the two parts meet and helps keep your goods sealed inside the container.

With its patented lid design the Airscape removes and locks out the air from the container, making sure that your food storage is protected. Using an air valve, the Airscape lid forces out the air as you push down on the inner lid, releasing the air from the container. You can then close the valve to lock out the air and lock in the freshness.

Coffee storage is just as important as how its brewed. It’s got to stop oxygen & humidity from spoiling the freshness, and block deteriorating UV rays. Reusable & re-fillable, they are the optimal dry goods storage solution. Whether you're trekking through the wilderness or taking a weekend backpacking trip, the BruTrek Cargo Can is perfect for preserving your favorite ground coffee beans.

Airscape BruTrek CarGo Can FEATURES

Pre-Measured Coffee Bean Storage – Adventure knowing you have exactly the amount you need.

Durable Construction – Design for the ultimate adventures, made tough to withstand the adventure.

Magnetic Base – Will attach to any ferrous material for storage and won;t budge.

Airscape Reliability – Removes excess air: Ideal for products that are oxygen, humidity & light sensitive. 

Writable Lid – Write down what’s in the container for quick access to all your favorite beans.


  • 1 x Airscape BruTrek CarGo Can


Material Food Safe Plastics
Capacity 120g
Dimensions Ø 12cm (H) 10cm