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Hario Slim Coffee Grinder


Hario Mini Slim coffee grinder features ceramic burrs for a smooth and fast grind while ensuring your flavour is not adjusted. The hand grinders exterior is made from a hardened plastic which means it can handle the rough life of travelling, camping or other adventures. It is the ideal size to throw in your bag and use on the go.

Featuring a Ceramic Conical Burr the grind is made simple, just add your fresh whole beans and grind. This allows you to ensure your beans are not exposed until you are ready to brew ensuring flavour is locked in.

The manual grinder is fully adjustable to any manual brewing method with fine to coarse grind with its simple click system.


  • Made with hardened Plastic, great for lifes adventures
  • Ceramic Grind for smooth & fast grinders
  • Fully Adjustable from Fine to Course
  • Light weight